Welcome to my Pindaricart

I am Anna and I want to tell you about my passion for drawing and painting. I will also tell you about my works and the authors that I like and that in some ways inspire me.

I started to express myself with drawing when I was very young, and I was pretty good. I remember that middle school teachers, since I finished the assigned work in less time than my classmates, subjected me to different subjects and techniques so I could improve my skills.

Later I chose a professional school that did not include Art Education lessons, therefore my passion was kept alive only in my spare time.

Then, after graduating from high school and graduating as a Primary School Teacher – where I had to deal with notions that were mostly unknown to me – the passion for drawing reignite.

So I started drawing again, this time with renewed passion, and I proved a greater ability: a more slender stroke, much more precise proportions and centering the space.

I continued like this for some time, until one day my sister came home with a beginner’s set, brushes and oil paints, and said, “Paint! Now you have no more excuses!”

And since then I have not stopped, even if for obvious reasons, I had to put my inspiration oh hold to focus on other things. In fact, in the meantime I completed my education and moved to the North of Italy for work.

Then, after a few years, I met the man I married and had two children.

Painting has been a constant in my life although, when my children were young and having solvents around the house was not possible, I devoted myself to writing.

I didn’t want to think of a fallback though, so I said to myself that basically writing – especially describing – was like painting with words.

I wrote poems, short stories and some dystopian novels in Italian and even in English (mostly remained incomplete), but I finished a detective novel entitled Come Danae which tells the story of a girl from the Eastern Europe, Tamara, brought to Italy with the purpose of getting her into prostitution (you can find out more about it into the dedicated section).

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